Monday, June 04, 2012

Venus is in transit, as if traffic wasn't bad enough

Hey, Space Nerds! I hope you didn't throw away your pinhole devices from the partial eclipse a few weeks ago, because you’re going to need them tomorrow to view a once in a lifetime event.  No, really.  This event won’t happen again until December 2117—105 years from now.  What is this spectacular event? Venus (the planet, not the goddess) will pass in front of the sun!

Okay, so it’s not exciting enough to make you gasp and run for your astronomy books*, but it’s still pretty cool.  Also, it take a really, really, REALLY long time to pass, so you’ve got plenty of time to check it out. 
Here’s the details of when to look and what it will look like.  It’s basically a tiny dot on the Sun. 

Doesn't it make the sun look like a lopsided pirate? Arrgh!
photo courtesy of these guys.

So, tomorrow around 2pm, it starts up top, and by 8:45pm, it’ll be done.  Say it with me now--"Wow!"

Not as big a deal as an eclipse, but I'm kind of excited to check it out.  That's just me.

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