Saturday, April 28, 2007

It's all over but the crying (and bitching and moaning)

It's mostly done. The big furniture is moved. I'm sure the boss is going to be nuts when she walks in on Monday but if people didn't put names on their stuff, how am I supposed to know where to put it. It all went in the conference room which was nicknamed "The crap room." The movers loved that. Speaking of movers, what a team. Those guys really kicked ass. My favorite was Jimmy. Jimmy was the greatest!

My ankle is the size of a grapefruit due to my varicose veins (Thank you, Heredity). I was in so much pain last night I wanted to cry, and I have a high pain threshold. I have had it elevated most of the day and it's a little better. When I have some days off next week, I'm going to the doctor.

And I got a cookie b
ouquet from everyone at work to thank me for everything. They were mighty tasty around 10:30 last night when we still had two more hours of moving to do. Okay, I didn't do the moving. I sat with my leg elevated, but I still had to get up on occasion to supervise.

I'm tired. Very, very tired. (sigh)

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Apparently, it's the name "Laurie" they find so attractive

Day one of the move went just fine. They didn't finish upstairs but I'll forgive them. I get tired walking up and down those stairs with paper in my hands, let alone a solid oak desk. My Goodness, there was a lot of manhood on display, though. I did not, however, see any butt crack. Not that I was hoping to, but I thought it was inevitable.

I DID get asked out for drinks by the very young, but very cute Sergio. I neatly evaded his hints that we should go for a drink afterward by thinking WWCAPD--What Would Crazy Aunt Purl Do?
Tomorrow will be the long day as everything has to be moved and I am sure to be there until Midnight at least. Oh, sleepy me. I didn't even get to do much knitting because I had to direct them in delivering the boxes to the correct offices. And boy do we have a lot of offices.

You know how I complained about the stairs? Well, from one end of the suite to another is like a mile (yes, I'm exaggerating, but it's really really far). At least the carpet is nice and cushiony.

I must sleep now so I can wake up and do it all again tomorrow. I'm taking the laptop tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Et tu, Jeopardy?

The subject was "Touring the Tarot" and the clue was "This card represents ruin, like the bankruptcy of a record store."

Naturally, the answer was "What is Tower?"

Damn you, Alex Trebek.

[Tomorrow's moving day, phase one. Wish me luck.]

Monday, April 23, 2007

Drive-by Hugging

T minus three days and counting until we move to our new offices and I still have so much to do. But that didn't stop me from cutting out a little early today to spend time with my brother-in-law, Michael, as he passed through LA on his way to Diamond Bar for a sales meeting or something businessy like that.

We went to dinner at the Weiland Brewery Underground at 5th and Flower. Darn tasty eats, and a powerful microbrew to boot. Then we headed up to the street, where I showed him my favorite place in the city. We were lucky enough to stumble upon an exhibit of art by Fred Marcellino off the wing from the Children's Library. Then, we headed up the steps--okay, we took the escalator--up to Grand, but not over to California Plaza because Angel's Flight isn't open yet and I was tired.

Alas, Michael had to head off to his hotel in Diamond Bar, so we headed back to my office (with a quick tour through USC and Greek Row) and hugged a lot before I sent him off to the Inland Empire.

Bye Mickey! Have a safe trip!

Why waste the crust?

If it's ready to eat right out of the tub, why bother with the graham cracker crust? Why not just grab a spoon?

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Is it May yet?

I cannot wait until our office move is done. I woke up three times last night to write down notes for myself so I wouldn't forget to:
  • ask Stella to run labels for the camp mailers
  • get the folders made for the boss to take to DC
  • Find out what's in the mystery cabinet in the copy room (nothing exciting)
  • call the copier company to arrange for them to move the copiers
  • figure out who's responsible for packing and moving the printers, fax machines, scanners, etc.
  • What do we do with the giant ferris wheel made of K'Nex?
  • And for the love of God, what am I going to do with all the shit in my office???
Seriously. This move is giving me nightmares. And not nightmares like "the furniture gets stolen off the truck," but the kind that seemingly having nothing to do with the move, but you know some dream analyst would tell me that the dream about the homeless woman who followed me home in a blizzard and who turned out to be my long-lost sister is really about unwanted extra duties that keep bugging me while I'm trying to do an already-challenging job.

That's why I accepted the invitation to have dinner with my Tower friends at the soon-to-be defunct Spaghetti Factory on Sunset. I had the spaghetti, naturally, with meatballs, because I've been craving it. It was fun. I miss those guys--and Shawn.

Morrissey is on Jimmy Kimmel tonight and all I can think of is the time I saw him buying Diet Coke at Pavilions in West Hollywood. I wonder if Sam Caro is watching. Sam loved him some Morrissey.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Stuff and nonsense

My office window, while charming, is not exactly weather proof.
Note the flimsy latch holding it closed, and the broken hinge, too.

So the wind today was rattling this poor window something awful. It sounded like someone was trying to break in. All day long the wind would suck the two frames outward, straining the latch, then blow them back inward. Besides startling me every five minutes with the force of which it slammed again the panes, the wind was pretty annoying.

But I still found time to conduct an experiment while on hold with Office Depot.
We have these eggs with a type of putty material in them, much like Silly Putty, but not exactly. I noticed that when I rolled the stuff into a ball, then put it back into the egg, it would ooze into a puddle to fill the egg fairly quickly. I wondered just how long it took to ooze. I think about these things. I'm like that.
I rolled the stuff into a ball and placed it on my phone. It was 2:47 (in case you can't tell in the
I called Office Depot, was put on endless hold, and waited. And waited. And waited. Hey, if you're looking for work, Office Depot is hiring. I wish I could give you the phone number to call, but I was only half paying attention. I finally gave up around 3:32. (It should be noted that I was doing other things while waiting. The phone was on speaker). This is what the stuff looked like an hour later.

I think, given another hour, it would have taken over the keys.

Yes, I'm touched; at least I got some things packed up for the impending move and that's nothing to sneeze at...not yet anyway. Wait until I hit the real dusty shelves in the back.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

What's for dinner

Pardon the quality.

Not to stir up more shit, but...

This is what happens when people park correctly.

If the first car pulls up to the driveway's edge, two cars--even a truck, as you can see--will fit nicely. The red zone begins at that tree root just past the rear tire of the truck.

Also, what's wrong with this poor woman's hand? Is this Linda Richman-Lobsterclaw?

That's all I've got for you today. My brain is fried from the office move logistics.


Monday, April 16, 2007

Paper or Plastic? Just so we're clear.

My new best friend Heidi over here pointed out that paper is no better than plastic in the whole grocery bag debate. Lest you all think I'm naive, I realize that my not using a plastic bag has no effect on the number of plastic bags in the world. They are there whether I use them or not. And I know that paper has its cons too. Let's look at the two sides, shall we?

Paper bags are made from trees--trees that are harvested using gas-guzzling, smoke-belching, rain
forest-depleting machinery, then trucked to a factory, where they are turned into paper in an exhaustive process that includes chemicals and more fuel, electricity, etc, etc,...and THEN has to be sent to another factory to be fashioned into bags. Yikes! However, because paper bags can hold more groceries, we use less in the average shopping trip.

Recycling of paper bags is another exhaustive process, but the by-products of it can be used for other products. Paper bag recycling is usually more convenient for most people because there are more facilities that accept paper than accept plastic bags. Also, paper will eventually breakdown in a landfill (although it takes longer than you'd think) and can be used in composting. Bonus--paper bags have many uses in the household. Who hasn't covered a school book with a grocery bag? Ask Faith what I used to fill the gift bag for her housew
arming gift?

Plastic bags are made from petroleum or a by-product thereof. After the actual acquisition of the oil, the process of making bags is less involved than paper, but still uses energy. Plastic bags hold less than paper, so we end up using more. Anyone who's bought bulk canned goods can attest to how they cut into your hands when carrying heavy items. And, I swear they teach Target clerks to only put two items in a bag.

Not all plastic bags can be recycled and many of the bags collected at your local store end up in a landfill anyway, where they will sit forever because they don't break down, although they take up less space in landfills, which I guess could be a good thing. Recycling plastic products is great because it's easy and plastic can be recycled over and over--provided it's recycled in the first place.

So, clearly, the answer to the title question is neither. More people should bring their own reusable totes to the store and use them. I'm just as guilty as the next person. I don't always remem
ber to bring my own. I even started knitting my own, but got side tracked by baby sweaters and hats. I avow that starting today, there will always be a reusable tote in my car. I will finish the bag I started and make more. I will encourage my fellow knitters to make their own. Here are just two patterns I found: one from Lion Brand and one from If you can't knit, or are just too bogged down with other projects, may I suggest the Planet Bag? These are sold by a nice gal I found on MySpace while internet-stalking her boyfriend (If either of you find this, I'm harmless; I swear. I'm far too lazy to do any actual, physical stalking) and at 3 for $15.00, they're quite the deal and will cover you for most weekly shopping trips.

Okay, this ends my green post for the day. I shall be goofy and cranky again tomorrow. As for the trees, they surrender.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Why I stay in most weekends

Do you remember those carefree weekend days as a kid when you had the luxury of just laying and watching dust particles dance in the sunbeams? I woke up and did just that today. I didn't want to leave the house, but I had errands to run.

I'm trying to do my bit, however little it may be, to save the planet, so I took my bottles and cans to the recycling center at Ralphs, then took my coupon in to buy some food and lightbulbs. When the clerk asked me paper or plastic, I said "paper." The bagger put my things in the paper bag. When she picked the bag up to hand it to me, the handle broke, so she puts it INTO A PLASTIC BAG. I said, "No, that's okay. I'll carry it in my arms."
"But miss, it's heavy."
"Well, putting it into a plastic bag defeats the purpose of asking 'paper or plastic,' doesn't it?"

Then, when I got home, these people were in the spot in front of my house.
Note the car facing the wrong direction, a foot from the curb. I asked them politely, "Excuse me, will you be leaving? Are you just dropping off?" A snooty younger woman said, "Um, no. We're going to be here for a while."
"Are you parking? If you park, you can fit two cars there."
"No, we're not moving," said Snooty McSourpuss.
And what were they doing, facing the wrong direction, a foot from the curb for an hour? NOTHING. Shooting the shit. That's it.

And this is why I don't go out and see people on the weekends. Idiots.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Listen Up--only 1/2 as annoying as Head On and it's siblings Active, Preferred, and First

Okay, I have to share this. Click on this link and watch the commercial in the upper left corner. Pay particular attention about 30 seconds in. Notice the smug look on the neighbors face. It's priceless. Then about 45 seconds in...the guy in the gym...I'm still laughing.

I totally should have totalled the car

I called the body shop that my insurance company recommended today and asked if they could guesstimate how long it will take to repair my car. I was researching car rentals at the time. Angel, who so isn't one, told me "well, like I told you, we have to take the bumper off to see the damage. It should take about 15 days." I was shocked!

Possibly even longer than that because they don't know what they'll find once they remove my back bumper. The trunk frame is cracked and they fear there may be internal frame damage. Longer than 15 days?? It's a Jetta, not a freakin' tank? I was only going about 5 miles per hour. How could I do that much damage? I'm shocked!

You know what it is? It's that damn "fine German craftsmanship" that I was all gung-ho about when I bought the car. Who knew that a VW would be such a bitch to repair?

I'm pretty sure he didn't know. I'm still shocked. And I'll be back on the shame train (aka MTA) for at least 15 days or longer. Oh Happy Day! I'm waiting until we move to the new offices, as the bus route there is much more direct.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I had a rotten day!!

I need hugs, and possibly a good stiff DRINK.
Reminders went out, but RSVPs did not come in.
Calls were made but no one answered, so messages were left.
Answers were received, but unfortunately, they were not the answers I wanted.
Plans will have to change and convincing someone of this has not been easy.
I cried quietly with my office door closed.
Then I ate M&Ms and they made me happy for a brief shining moment.

I still need hugs.

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter

For your entertainment, I give you egg-related funnies.
mmm, eggs.

Friday, April 06, 2007

My new office!!!

I stopped by the new offices today. I am excited and thought I'd share.

Those are my windows up there with the red arrows. Don't mind the editing.

Inside my office. Hopefully, it won't look like this when I move in.

I do so wish I could keep this kicky Clipper ship wallpaper. It's lovely, but they're painting it eggshell.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Things that made me smile today

My body naturally wakes up at 7:00 am every weekday without fail. This doesn't help when I have an alarm set for 5:00 am, which I ignore repeatedly. This morning, when I woke up at 7:00 and glanced at my clock, I caught it at just the right moment--exactly 7:00:30. The blue hands represent the hour, the red represents seconds, and the orange is the alarm set. I saw it as a sign.

On the freeway, between the many fender-benders littering the roadside, was a giant frog pinata. It had burst open, but it still had a big smile for all the drivers who bothered to notice.
I felt bad for it at first, because I tend to transfer feelings to inanimate objects, but that smile gave me inspiration to bravely face whatever trials and tribulations may befall me today. If the broken frog can smile through his pain, so can I.

When I tried to open the database to print up labels, I got the following error message:

This database is in an unexpected state.
Did it move to Wyoming and not leave me a forwarding address?
Then, Over The Hedge, one of my favorite comic strips, referenced that YouTube cartoon with the unicorns that I posted back in February. Remember? "Charlieeeee....Shun the non-believer." I giggled for hours--okay, a few seconds.
And it's only 1:30. Imagine the delights that await me.
[edited: 5:14pm] Mashed Potato Bowl from KFC was pretty damned delightful. Traffic on Figueroa was not. Muggy weather was not.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Piccoli patatini coccolini

I have nothing important to say today, so I leave you with this tale of forbidden love and heartache...and possibly fleas.