Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Nerd Alert

Tomorrow marks the opening day of Yarn Crawl LA 2013, and I'm heading out with some yarn-loving ladies to hit the valley region.  Yarn Crawl, for the uninitiated, is a four-day event in which participants visit local yarn shops through the county.  There are passports that get stamped at each store, raffles, door prizes, famous knit and crochet folks, and yarn, lots and lots of pretty, strokable yarn. (I will hug it and pet it and  squeeze it and I will name it George). The beautiful minds behind this event have wisely mapped all the participating stores by regions and color-coded them, too.  I swoon.  

Being ever-so-slightly OCD, I went one better.  I mapped the stores we plan to hit tomorrow, Googled directions from store to store, and planned a route that will take us in one giant loop, bringing us back to the Glendale/Burbank area to drop one gal off, and hopefully still give us time to get to our regular Thursday night Stitch 'n' Bitch at the Farmer's Market.  I also mapped my route to pick the ladies up in the morning, using street view to determine which streets had lights and/or turning lanes for easy left turns.  And a route from their homes to the first two local stores we'll be visiting before heading to Burbank.  If traffic cooperates and my timing is accurate, we should be able to complete our mission.  

Now, I just hope I have the will power to resist impulse buys, and to recognize a good sale.  I'm counting on my cohorts to talk me down of the ledges.  

Tuesday, April 09, 2013

As God is my witness, I'll never go thirsty again!

I drink a lot of water. In fact, I drink mostly water.  I'll have a large coffee in the morning and switch to water by 10:30 or 11:00 every day.  I do consume the occasional Diet Coke or Iced Tea, but for the most part, I'm a big fan of the H2O.  So, I didn't really need to be reminded to drink water, but I'm a sucker for a cute app.  

That's how I found myself with the Plant Nanny app for iPhone.  Based on your weight and activity level, the app tells you how much water you should be consuming each day.  Next comes the fun part.  You plant a plant.  Beginners have three plants and basic flower pots to choose from, with more being added as you progress.  I chose the Devil's Ivy for my first plant.  Unfortunately, I didn't realize there was a "snapshot" feature until my second plant--Dandelion.  Finally, you choose the size of your drink, from 8 oz to 32 oz, which you can switch throughout the day depending on what you're using.  I have a giant water bottle at work, but only a 24oz at home, so I switch.  

The plant starts off this cute little nubbin with eyes.  
Awww, wook at hims wittle rosy cheeks.
Super cute, right?  And it makes this sweet little chirp note when you give it a drink.  It will remind you ever 2, 4, 6, or 8 hours that you need to drink.  And if you don't drink (or lie and tell the app you drank anyway), the plant will wither and die.  (don't ask me how I found out)

Still adorbs, but why does it have arms?
I'm loving the Bob's Big Boy swoop it's got going on.  Did I mention it kind of waves and bobs when you've given it a drink? It does, in a little "thanks, pal" kind of way.  Also, the app goes from day to night and has a clock feature.  
look how big he is
Next stage, still trying to climb out of the pot.  And look at the sprouts.  Don't they remind you of golf clubs?

all grown up
Here's my little Dandy all grown up.  What's with the tongue, mister?  Yeah, that tongue goes in and out.  Someone's got an attitude problem.  Did you know you're just a weed?  Oh, they blink, too.  If you're into the whole anthropomorphic thing (I name everything!), you'll love this.  

Downside?  If you didn't pee a lot before, well...  Fortunately, I have not had to adjust my routine since I pee like the dickens anyway.    

Friday, April 05, 2013

Hillbilly Poetry

In checking my Postini for missed emails, I found the usual plethora of bedroom enhancement drugs, lottery winning announcements, and password hacking warnings.  But interspersed were the strangest subject lines I'd ever seen.  I started reading them and they sounded like random quotes from some colloquial short story.  And so, I present to you, Hillbilly Poetry.

Greetings, My Beloved
I thought this might be in yer interest
But the words wouldn't come
He was awful surprised
It made me shiver
Oh, he done it admirable
Before un you claims it
Thems the very words
I hain't got no money
Why, yonder he is now
He said that would do
That cheered me up
But I never said so
I didn't mean no harm
I was tangled good, now.
It was a close place
Tom said so himself
My Boss thinks I'm kind of a big deal
They all do
Well, then
He was drunk, I reckon
I throwed the paddle down
I whooped and I listened
There, now, that's a specimen
Only they? They told you would
Po little chap
We blowed out a cynlinder head
Oh, he's sly, I reckon
They hain't go it
So, she hollered
Anybody would
Not by a blame sight
That disturbed Jim, and me, too
The family was at home
Phillip, never forget a movie trailer you like

Sponsored by sinus medication that makes me loopy, and cramps, and hunger, and lack of coffee.

Thursday, April 04, 2013

Most Hard-Earned Medal Ever

So much for blogging every day...

It's been a rough week so far, with lots of waking up late, getting to work late, sitting in meetings that never end and accomplishing squat.  We have a giant fundraising event in just four weeks, and I am in the middle of creating a new website. Also, I have a sinus thing that's making my teeth hurt, and I'm hormonal.  Not the best time to come at me.So, I was kind of at the end of my tolerance yesterday when a co-worker came to me with a new idea.  Her idea is actually cool, but instead of "Hey, I have a great idea," I heard "Hey, I don't like they way you're doing your job. My way is better, so I went to your boss and he agrees."  Which, really?  No one needs that.  

I went from zero to enraged in two seconds and warned her, as calmly as possible, that this was not a good day and that I  really can't think about anything else at the moment.  I sent her away, closed my door, and cried for a good five minutes.  Then, I went for a walk and got some chocolate.  If anyone deserves this medal, it's me.

Let's see if I can keep up this winning streak for the whole week

Monday, April 01, 2013

I guess fezzes really ARE cool

I've been fezzed--TWICE.

On Saturday, in honor of the premiere of the new season of Doctor Who, BBC America "doctored" Twitter avatars for any Whovians who asked.  Here's my new Who avatar.

Thanks, @DoctorWho_BBCA for the Fez and bow tie treatment.

Today, in honor of April Fool's Day, Ravelry is adding random hats to everyone's avatar on the forums.  And guess what random hat mine got?  
Hey Girl, you look good in a Fez.

I guess the 11th Doctor was right--Fezzes are cool.  

I'm going to TRY to participate in April's NaBloPoMo.  The theme is "Fresh," which goes along with my Fresh blog look and my Fresh avatars, not to mention my fresh mouth (rim shot) (that was for you, Mom)