Thursday, September 17, 2009

Fun with Trademarks

What did you do yesterday? I read an 700 page report to make sure no one else held a trademark whose name and/or goods and services could be confused with the one we're trying to get trademarked. You know what I found? There are some fun trademarks out there. Here are just a few.

The "Was this really necessary?" award: "Suite Moses and Lo, I shall send them a leader of firm resolve and fearless brow songs of Freedom, Faith & Fortitude!!" [sic]
I mean, honestly, did they think someone else was going to jump on that?

The Clever Pun award: "Doggie Styles: Designs for Canines" It's a little obvious but it made me giggle. I just think of the salesclerk answering the phones.

The Low Self Esteem award: "Aesthetically Pleasing Interior Decorating & Design" When you want something nice but you don't really need the best in the business. I mean, you're not looking for flashy or Better Homes and Gardens quality, just something to keep your mother-in-law off your back. Maybe they're just incredibly humble.

The "Pinky & The Brain" moment award: "I have an idea and the only thing missing is Mims Landscaping & Design, Inc" It's just so random. It totally reminds me of something Brain would say.

Also fun are the design descriptions for logos. I think this is my favorite by far: "Grotesque men formed by letters, numbers, punctuation or geometric shapes." Now there's some letterhead I want to see.

Today was not nearly as entertaining.


MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

I bet you also get a kick out of reading the dictionary. It's okay - I do, too.

foolery said...

Someone in our town had a high colonic business a few years ago: Process of Elimination. And the slogan was "We Bring Out The Worst In You."