Saturday, February 20, 2010

Shipping and Handling

I'd forgotten what it was like to be in a small town, not that the Poconos qualify as small town anymore, but still, smaller than LA. Yesterday, I took Mom's car out (twice in one week!) to mail off packages to my sister and brother Brian. I went to what used to be Eagle Valley Corners and is now Eagles Glen or something. The traffic pattern has changed, the old barn that sold Pennsylvania Dutch stuff is gone, but a lot of the stuff is still there. The nice young man in the UPS store was filling me in on all the changes--the new football stadium, the old middle school is gone, there's a Dunkin' Donuts where Jack's Market used to be, and a new elementary school.

From there, I headed on down to the post office. In order to avoid making multiple trips (like I had to from the house to the car) I tried to carry all the boxes at once. As I was struggling, a nice man jogged over to give me a hand. Then inside the post office, they let me go to the head of the line so I didn't have to stand there with the heavy boxes. Mind you, three out of four windows were open and only two other people were in line. Still, I was so grateful for the gesture I kept thanking them all.

Next, I ventured down to the Walmart. My brother Michael had picked up a digital camera for a good price and I wanted to see what they had in my price range. They didn't have the purple one I picked out so I ended up with a green Kodak that was cheap. I don't need a super duper camera anyway. After Walmart, I drove up the back way home, under Route 80, up and around and past the hospital and university. This road was not a road when I lived in here. It ended just past the supermarket at a propane store and became posted property. We used to walk back on the railroad tracks to ice skate in the swamp under the highway.

Today, my brother and I went out to the post office (it closed at noon, just as I was getting to the door, in fact). Then we took a drive to get his truck washed at the old Sparkle Car Wash that Dad used to take us to when we were kids. It's a drive through job with the octopus thing that goes up over the car. I love those car washes. Then, we out to see the new middle school and junior high for Stroudsburg, which looks like it could house the high school as well. It's Huge! Mostly, we just drove around all the back roads look at the new developments, a house I used to live in, and then down the back stretch of Chipperfield Drive which is all hills and turns and makes your tummy tickle. We used to beg Dad to take Chipperfield and go fast (not that we had to beg him to go fast). We passed my old high school, which has added a high school wing and auditorium, and came back through the university campus, which hasn't changed too much.

I forget how pretty the woods can be when it's all snowy, and how much fun it is to drive down the back roads on a sunny day. Mostly, I forget all the good things I loved about my home town. But, I think I'm ready for LA again.

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MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

And LA is ready for you. Travel safely!