Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Supporting the Arts

As you know, I work in the field of Afterschool programming. Tonight our organization, in collaboration with Sportie LA on Melrose and Di Moda PR, held a showcase for one of our most innovative clubs--Fashion Design. Students were given plain white Converse Chucks (donated by Sportie LA) to customize with their own style. Our kids came through with some really incredible designs (which I neglected to photograph). There was a golf-themed pair, Frankenstein-themed, a pair covered with leopard print faux fur, and so many more. So, tonight, guests were able to purchase a pair of plain white Chucks and have one of our students customize them right there on the premises. Even with seven artists working non-stop, with finishers doing some last-minute fill work, the demand was high and the wait was long. The finished products were worth the wait.
These are Darshini's shoes (that's her name done up all graffiti style, with an Om and peace sign on the other side).

I managed to be one of the last to get my shoes on the table. I told the artist to put a moon on one and a sun on the other, but the style was all up to him. Anthony took the idea and ran with it. The result? The best shoes of the night (in my opinion, of course). And here they are:
Here the artist poses with his awesome creation. (new camera; wrong setting)Thank you, Anthony! I love them!

A portion of the sales tonight will be donated back to the organization to support the Fashion Design program. Thank you, Sportie LA.

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MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

LOVE your shoes!! And I really mean it!!! Excellent job, Anthony!