Thursday, June 02, 2011

In which our team wins the drinking round and the Canucks win with 18.5 seconds left to play

Since our regular pub was closed on Monday, we had to venture off to faraway lands to play trivia. And by faraway, I mean Silverlake. In a classic "I'll take the low road and you take the high road, and I'll be in Silverlake before ye," I asked my friend if she wanted my directions. She said, "No Thanks, I printed my own." Then, I saw her turn toward the 110 freeway and wanted to call her and tell her to turn back before it was too late, but I left my cell phone at home and I don't call when driving. I took Alvarado to Glendale to Fletcher and Riverside and arrived 20 minutes before the rest of my team.

Trivia was rough. The local Silverlake teams are particularly good and we struggled at the bottom of the pack all night. Thanks to a last minute "double or nothing," we redeemed ourselves to finish second to last. But the real win of the evening was the drinking round. The drinking round (winning teams wins a round of drink tokens) is usually something silly and arbitrary, like Apples to Apples or "draw the quiz master." Last night, however, it was "Name That Tune." Oh, man; our teams rocks! We got 8 out of 10 songs and won! However, at this venue, the drinking round is immediate and the prize is a pitcher of beer. Did I mention my team doesn't drink beer? I had a Dos Equis for myself so as not to waste the win.

And did anyone watch the Hockey game? Scoreless until the very last minute and then--BAM--Torres scores! Hip checks, finger biting--what's not to love?


Ellen Bloom said...

Name that Tune is the ONLY trivia game I'm good at!!! Congratulations!

Gillian said...

It's so weird -- twitter told me we were similar so I came over to your blog and your post is about trivia night at the Red Lion where I used to go every week for like 2 years. TWITTER WAS RIGHT. (Isn't Krista great?)