Friday, September 02, 2011

Virgo Love

Today is my brother Michael's birthday.  Happy Birthday, Big Brother!!!! I love you!

As I mentioned before, I have an affinity for Virgos.  I get them like no other sign.  So, in Honor of Michael, here's a partial list of famous folks who were also born on this day.

Film Industry:
Keanu Reeves
Salma Hayek
Mark Harmon
Linda Purl
Martin Miller (I don't know him either, but that's my Dad's name and I thought it was funny)
Hal Ashby (director of Harold and Maude)

Lennox Lewis
Jimmy Connors
Peter Ueberroth
Terry Bradshaw

Regular Folk (fame questionable, except Christa McAuliffe)
Christa McAuliffe
Harvey Levin
Robert Shapiro
Camille Grammer

And that's just a smattering*.  Do you know someone born on this day?  If so, tell them I said Happy Birthday, Virgo.

*Wait until you see the rogue's gallery of folks who share my birthday.  

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