Saturday, September 10, 2011

That's the 1970's

Yesterday at work, several new employees were waiting in the lobby for the training to start when one gal said to another, "I love your boots. They're so cute."  

"Oh, thanks," she replied. "They were my grandmothers."  I stood up from my seat at the reception desk to take a look at the cute boots, expecting to see something like this. What I saw was more like this. The booted young lady went on, "yeah, I was wearing a pair of Uggs, but my grandma said 'oh, wait, I have a better pair of boots for you,' and pulled out these."  

"They're real nice," said the first girl.  "They're in good condition."
"Yeah, They're from, like, the 70's too," said the second girl.  

The 70's!!!  Her GRANDMOTHER wore them in the 70's.  I had to ask--"How old is your Grandmother?  How old is your Mother??"

"My mom is 41, and my grandma is 62."  And then I felt super old and cried in my Metamucil.


Aunt Snow said...

Oh, wah. I'm really old.

Mrs. Kuhtz said...

sniff sniff. I was born in '70. Technically I could be her Mom. *sobs*