Thursday, April 19, 2012

And then my button popped off

It's been one of those weeks. It started with my doing something really dumb. Everyone suggested I should lie about it but that felt disingenuous. Plus, it's just so dumb. 

So, on Sunday, I was taking care of some beauty regimen stuff and watching the hockey playoffs at the same time.  Oh, I may have been online, too. Multi-tasking is my specialty.  Anywho, I put a cream all over my neck and upper lip (for removing those pesky hairs that pop up on your chin and neck when you're a woman of a certain age), and then went back into the living room to watch some hockey.  The game got good.  It was Flyers vs. Penguins--a home state rivalry.  Before I knew it, I'd left the cream on much longer than the recommended "do not leave on longer than x minutes."  (the fact that I don't know how many minutes I was supposed to leave it on is also indicative of the dumb factor)

What happens when you leave a caustic substance on your neck too long?  This: 
Ouchy scalded flesh of shame

Yes, that's a big ol' nasty chemical burn on my neck and it sure is pretty.  Fortunately, I'm a woman with several tattoos and always have A+D ointment in my medicine cabinet.  I have been applying it throughout the week and it looks much better now.  But it's so itchy that my co-worker David has threatened to fit me with a cone to stop me from scratching it.  Girl from Mars! Girl from Mars!* (side note: I love that song)

When your week starts that good, it has to get better, right?  Or not.  Parking ticket.  Late to work.  Burned my eggs when making dinner.  And today, the button on my pants popped off.  At least it didn't hit me in the eye.  

For my knitters, I'll see you all next week.  I need to go home and sew my button back on. 

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