Saturday, April 21, 2012

Draw Something: You win some; you lose some

I am, like tons of you, addicted to Draw Something.  I love how creative (or not) some people are.  Like one of the players I draw with makes the most detailed drawings. I leave it to the last minute to guess because I want to see what she draws.  Then there's another "artist" who drew to crossed light sabers and wrote "Star Wars character."  Wtf? Which one?!?!  Sometimes you draw something you think everyone would get and come up empty.  And sometimes you just need to pass.

Anyway, I need some validation.  What do you see here?

Because I drew this and it's perfect as far as I'm concerned.  I mean, not perfect as in I need to be in a gallery, but certainly guessable.  So, what do you see? What's your guess? I need to know I'm not delusional.


Marnie said...

I see an iron. I deleted that game, I kept getting words that I had no idea how to draw and I'm just the WORST artist. It was stressing me out!

mamamouseiam said...

It's an iron, and a very good rendering at that!

I've never heard of Draw Something (I live in a cave) but am going to check it out immediately. Sounds fun, in a frustrating kind of way. :)

Hester from Atlanta said...

someone with boobs who is not going to iron - not June Cleaver or Donna Reed's character.