Saturday, June 06, 2009

How my messy, cluttered apartment saved me

I went to an photography exhibit opening today at the William Grant Still Arts Center and promptly fell in love with this adorable creature.She is so tiny and still has that baby kitten barely audible meow. She needs a home as the gallery already has several cats that they care for, but don't claim as their own. For now, Joyce at the gallery is taking care of her. Someone in the neighborhood rounded up the strays and paid to have them neutered, but one must have slipped through and now lil' teeny weeny is the last kitten standing. I spent a long time in the office playing with a string or just watching her attack my hand and thinking, "Oh the fun we could have, you and I. I will knit you mice and fill them with catnip. I will drag yarn across the floor for you. I will have to clear out the alcove and do a really thorough cleaning of the apartment before you come home, though."

And that was it. My laziness and clutter stopped me from bringing home a kitten I have no business even thinking about. You see, I have allergies and asthma. And while it's true that I used to have a lovely orange tiger cat named James (he was the sweetest) back in Pennsyltucky, my tolerance for them has diminished. The last time I cuddled a cat my very concerned sister had to rush me to the Acute Care Center at 10 o'clock at night because I couldn't breathe. Now, my allergies and asthma have both abated as of late and I haven't had an inhaler in two years, but do I really want to take that chance? Kind of. Look how cute she is!

And just because he was great, here's a picture of one of the other cats they care for. His name is, appropriately enough, Garfield.


woolanthropy said...

That's a cutey kitty. I am glad you got a furry fix and were able to leave without her.

jess said...

"is this the way?"

apparently, it is.

did she scale your pants and shirt and hide out in your hair?
that's my favorite.

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