Friday, June 19, 2009

Vintage Photo Friday--A whole other person

A while ago I was talking to The Roy about my sister, Kate (whom he calls Kathy because that's what she used to go by a million years ago). I was regaling him with stories of our (mostly her) reckless youth and he said something to the effect of, "It's weird to think Aunt Kathy had a whole other life before I knew her." Now, this is not to say that Kate is a secret agent or in the witness protection program, but The Roy has only really known her as a married lady and a mom. He never got to experience single, hell raiser Kate. This got me thinking about the people in my life, like my parents, and their other life. It's strange to think of my parents having other interests and activities other than raising five kids. I mean, I know they had lives, but who were they? What did they talk about with their friends?

So today I bring you my mother, Joan, bowler extraordinaire.
That's mom in the middle, already a mother of five.That's my Joanie on the end with the big hair. She's so lovely. She also remained friendly with the woman who is second from the left, a very nice lady who would always tell me I was pretty.
Mom's in the middle again. These pictures were not preserved very well, hence the yellowing.
Mom is second from the right. I'm not sure why they're wearing the silly hats but I remember her going on this trip. She flew in one of those small commuter planes and there was a lot of turbulence, which frightened her. Also, she brought us presents and it wasn't a birthday or Christmas, so I thought bowling trips were the best thing ever.

Lest you think they sucked in '69, they didn't. The photo of the 1969 champions was too large to scan. Joanie had a personalized bowling ball and a pretty powder blue bowling bag, which Kate now owns. I'm pretty sure she had her own shoes, too. My siblings used to bowl every Saturday in junior leagues but I was always too young and never got a chance to do it. I'm still a fairly decent bowler (not great, but not embarrassing) so it must be genetic.


Annika said...

I am an embarrassingly bad bowler and I demand that you take me to Shatto Lanes sometime.

woolanthropy said...

Those photos are awesome.
What happened to the gold glitter ball? I am a fan of the high hair too.

Ellen Bloom said...

WOW! Your Mom was a champ! LOVE those bowling pix. I keep ratting and spraying my hair, but it just won't stay as high as the bowling ladies' hair. Must get some extra-strength Aqua Net!