Saturday, July 11, 2009

No one to blame but myself

I want to thank everyone for the sympathy over my tire situation. It means a lot to me. I realize it was my fault in the first place for not getting the alignment fixed sooner. After all, it's been a year since I hit the pole in the parking garage which caused the alignment issue in the first place.

In other "ain't life grand" news, my poor little car was seconds away from impound, or a good booting at any rate. "Again?" you say. Yes, I am, well, sometimes not the most responsible person. It's a long saga of an expired parking permit compounded by many parking tickets that I couldn't afford. Well, as I was getting into my car on Thursday morning to come to work, a very kind parking enforcement officer pulled up alongside my car and told me, "You know they've been looking for your car?" I said, "They have? It's always here." He then told me that it was supposed to be booted or impounded today and that the other officer parked up the street was waiting to do just that. "I wouldn't park here until you get it taken care of," he warned. I thanked him profusely, because really, they could have been dicks about it, and drove off. I had to borrow money from work (an option I was hoping to avoid unless I found an awesome apartment without a Frau landlady) and go pay the past due parking tickets to save Jamie. I also got a new permit so I could park without fear. Hooray.

Now, I'm at work doing inventory. Well, sort of doing inventory. I can only do so much by myself and the person who said he might help me isn't here yet (and may not show up at all). I have counted what I can but I have big plans for the actual storage room which require manly types to assist me. I shall have to wait until Monday...or Tuesday.

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