Friday, June 11, 2010

j'avais un terrible mal de tête

I don't do stress well. It is my nature as a Sagittarius to be optimistic and look on the bright side. While I can multi-task like crazy, I tend to fall apart when things get too chaotic, too out of my control. Lately, at work, things have been getting to the chaotic level. I feel like I'm standing still but everything is swirling around my head like a swarm.

It's the end of our fiscal year and the boss is swamped. Therefore, all the things she would normally take care of are being handed to me while she focuses on the big things. That's fine, but I also have all the tasks that would normally fall to me if she weren't swamped, along with picking up tasks that were previously the responsibility of the communications director that we no longer have. Oh, and the boss's calendar has been changing on a daily--almost hourly--basis, which is keeping me on my toes. So, when I opened my Inbox yesterday and found a flurry of missives with things like "check with Laurie to schedule a meeting" and "Laurie can take care of this" and "get together with Laurie. She will handle this while you're out," my stress meter went SPROING! It seemed like every email I opened was assigning me a new task, all of them priorities, but I still had a mountain of other things that were not getting done. I pouted. I groused. I closed my door and had a mini-meltdown. Then I got busy and started getting a bunch of things done. Later, I had a king-sized chocolate Drumstick, which helped immensely, and Jenna brought Beard Papa cream puffs to SnB, which brought me back to normal.

Today, the stupid June Gloom started giving me sinus issues early on. I settled in to complete more of yesterday's assignments but got bogged down by one big one. I am waiting on some crucial information from a co-worker who apparently does not share my sense of urgency even though this is HIS project which was foisted on me. I did a few other things while I waited for him to get back to me and then it hit me--a full-on migraine with all the bells and whistles (NO! Not bells and whistles!) The lights hurt my eyes. I felt like I was going to vomit. Waves of dizziness came and went. I lasted until about 3:30 before I finally had to give up. I came home, took some migraine medication (which I have to start carrying in my purse), and went to bed.

Then, my new neighbor decided to hang pictures or something in his living room, which is the wall of my bedroom. Balls! I ended up on the sofa, which is not nearly as comfy, but quieter. I feel much better now.

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