Monday, June 07, 2010

I'm going crazy over here

It's the end of our fiscal year at work. There are budgets to work out, things to inventory, meetings to schedule, legislation to lobby for, and hair to pull out. In other words, I'm going crazy. I apologize for leaving you high and dry.

Here's a small chuckle--Have I told you about my friend Criss? She's kind of awesome. In fact, she's the conductor on the awesome train. Now Criss and I have long since established that we are attracted to vastly different men. There is no risk of us fighting over the same guy. But tonight at trivia, in a bar where the male-to-female ratio was wildly in our favor, I pointed out a guy whom I found to be handsome and kind of in her spectrum of attractiveness. She vehemently disagreed and said, "Laurie! You've got all that real estate over there and you're picking out a mobile home?" Maybe you had to be there. I'm still cracking up. There was a boat load of handsomeness on display tonight, though. Mmmm. Oh, and our trivia team won first place again by an embarrassing margin.

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San Diego Momma said...

"...kind of in her spectrum of attractiveness..."


I love how you spin your web of words.