Thursday, July 22, 2010

"How is it only (fill in the day)?"

I've been asking myself that question every day this week. I came in early on Monday, after having been in on Saturday, to a situation that then consumed my day. I had meetings, people! Don't you know I don't do well with chaos? So, Monday stretched on and on. At trivia that night, I ended up second guessing my answers and our team wound up in third place. Rats! I knew Canadian Doubles only had 3 people on the court. Fortunately, we aced the "Johns around the world" round, which we doubled, or we wouldn't have even placed.

Tuesday was spent preparing for today's meeting. Wednesday was more of the same, only with more furious typing and expedited additions. Oh, and last minute breakfast ordering because I completely forgot and I'd have been so royally screwed if they came in and there was nothing to eat.

So, this morning, the day of the meeting, found me waking up on the sofa at 4am, and choosing not to go back to sleep because I really needed to be out the door by 6:30. What does one do at that hour? Something productive, perhaps? No; one watches a History channel documentary on the bubonic plague. Nothing gets you moving like pustules and death. One long meeting, long clean up, and an overheated paper shredder later and here I am. My office, still a mess from the great office shuffle of June, is even messier from the chaos of Monday and the chaos of the meeting. Have I mentioned that I don't enjoy chaos? There is so much left to do, but I'm really tired and I have the rest of that plague documentary to watch. zzzz


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woolanthropy said...

Dude...i have been so out of touch with my google reader.

The new car is awesome! Very sleek and sexy. She seems more like a Veronica than a Sandy but that's just me. Congrats!

You might not like chaos, but it seems you can work your way through it even with a dash of early morning bubonic plague pustules.