Friday, July 09, 2010

I've lost some of my best material

Hey, now that Jamie is gone, I've got nothing to complain about. Whatever shall I write about? Oh, I'm sure I'll find, have I told you about my awesome new car? She's a smooth ride. I felt like I was driving Grandma slow until I looked at the speedometer and found that I was doing 50. Yikes! Better watch that lead foot o' mine. Poor Jamie, in her you felt every mph above 30. Of course, I always knew approximately how fast I was going by having to shift.

So, do you play the Frontierville on the Facebook? I 'm trying to get a husband and every time I complete a task, that rat bastard sends a letter with another task. This time I need a set of clothes and two ribbons. What kind of fancy pants Lord Fauntleroy husband am I getting? I ain't a ribbons kind of gal. Anywho, today's weather forecast made me chuckle.
So, apparently I don't need a husband to get tools...and bonus wood to boot. I accept! Anyone who knows me knows that I always giggle at the word "tool" (and balls...yes, I'm 12.)

In other news, I just heard something that I hope is belated fireworks but which sounded an awful lot like gunshots, because I live here. (not really, I just love have to click to find out.)

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