Thursday, July 01, 2010

Can't wait for the weekend

Hey, kids, remember that time Laurie Ann got her car fixed again and again and then drove it home and the next day the check engine light came on--AGAIN?! Yeah, that was fun.

So Jamie has been left at work until I figure out what I'm going to do. I don't think they'll tow her, but I'll have to move her tomorrow. I went to a dealer on Monday night and talked to a sales lady. Things were looking good, she said. She just had to run it by the lender, who had already said they'd finance me if the conditions were right. She played with some numbers to find the right conditions and sent it through. Unfortunately, they decided they didn't like the conditions and wanted me to have more down payment, which I would have if....well, you know the story. So, I have to look at other places, but I'm not comfortable driving Jamie all over town with the check engine light on(I'm sure it's the #1 cylinder misfiring, since that's the only spark plug Max didn't change). I think I'll try to talk to a few places first before driving over there. I wanted to do it yesterday or today, but I've been helping out with our data entry department (way behind) so I've been getting out late. But it's almost the weekend, a three-day one at that, and I'm going to Ernie's Taco House on Saturday for margaritas as big as my head...and to celebrate Annika's birthday.

Then, Monday is the 15th anniversary of my moving to Los Angeles. Yippee!!! Tami (my former roommate) and I usually celebrate with a tattoo and a movie, but I think we'll skip the tats this year and just go for a movie. We used to always go to the Cinerama Dome before it became the Arclight and too expensive. Back when we moved here Bad Boys was playing at the Dome, so it became known as "the Bad Boys theatre," as in "Where's Gladiator playing?" "At the Bad Boys theatre." The day I got my moon tattoo, we saw Feeling Minnesota and the blood soaked through my shirt. That was lovely. Since Tami still works at a theatre, we're getting a freebie. I think she has one lined up that involves sparkling skin and rippling muscles on boys far too young for me to be noticing such things, if you know what I mean.

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