Thursday, October 28, 2010

Do you have to let it lingrrrrrr

Well, I feel fine for the most part except for this lingering cough. My lungs are relatively clear until I exert myself; then they rattle like there's a Yahtzee game in progress. Oh, why do I have so many obligations when I'm sick? Or, why do I have to be sick when I have so many obligations? I haven't knit a thing in weeks, so (she says cringing) I don't have a costume for tonight's SnB Halloween Party. In case you're wondering, my Animal Spirit (this year's theme) was going to be Porcupine. My friend picked it out for me. She said, "because you can pet a porcupine when it's calm, but if you piss it off, watch out." Yeah, that kind of describes me.
I've just been too busy and too sick to be creative. I was going to bake last night, but I was all doped up and didn't go to the store. I have to go tonight to bake for the office Halloween Potluck. I'll try not to cough into the food and wash my hands thoroughly.
Here's a little earworm for you in honor of my annoying cough.

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Annika said...

My animal spirit was going to be Gracie as an owl (and Sam was going to be Robin Hood and I was going to be the forest--it was a whole thing) but I was too busy making superhero costumes to do it, plus I worked today so I don't feel like going out.