Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Road is Paved

Ah, yes. The men in orange with heavy machinery returned to finish the job.
I wonder how many of my neighbors were towed. They never removed the "No Parking 6am to 6pm" signs, but since the road crew hadn't returned, the neighbors were ignoring the signs. Not me, though.

Oh, and road crews don't get it when you say you're taking a picture for your blog. They just look at you like you have ten heads and go back to shooting the breeze.


Brenda said...

I work for a heavy road construction company, and I know the name of the machine that took the asphalt off. it's called a rotomill.We threaten to tow, but never do. too much trouble. but if your car gets damaged. we pay for it. ya, those guys don't know about blogs, some of our guys do they even know about facebook.just depends.

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Did you get a lovely new island in your street so you can no longer make a left, and instead have to go COMPLETELY AROUND THE BLOCK just to get home, like I did? I'm so happy. If I ever meet the idiot that thought that was a good idea, I will stab him (because you KNOW it's a "him") in the eye.