Saturday, March 19, 2011

Consumer Product Testing--I take the bullet so you don't waste your money

Consumer Product Testing Time!!!

Today I had a full day. I needed to dye my hair (roots only look good on plants), get my nails did, and get prettified for a fundraising event at 2pm. I got the mani/pedi first. While I was in that complex (West Hollywood Gateway), I stopped at Target, which brings me to my first Consumer Alert!!

Don't buy pantaloons at the Hanes Outlet at the Citadel!!! Seriously, I almost bought panties there last night for $8.99 a pack (of 3). I decided that I didn't want to spend my money on them because I needed something dressy for today. At Target, I found the exact same pack of 3 for $5.99! PLUS, I found a pack of 6 on clearance for $5.99! I know Target is known for being cheaper, but doesn't outlet usually mean discounts? I now have 6 brand-new panties and $3 in my pocket.

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I have been dying my own hair since...well, for a long time. Nice and Easy, #118, has been my color of choice for years. Sure, I may experiment with other brands, and there was that year I flirted with being a red-head, but I always come back to the Nice and Easy Natural Medium Brown. So, recently, they changed to this foam formula. It's the wave of the future! It's easier to get full coverage! It sucks so much balls!! First, it smells like burnt coffee, at least MY color did. It even looked like coffee before I dumped the contents of bottle one into bottle two. The foam is like that foaming hand soap--but coffee scented. You squeeze it into your hands, rub them together, and run it through your hair. There's a line on the bottle that tells you how much to use if you have long or short hair. For long hair, they recommend using the whole bottle, which I did. Normally, I only do the roots, but since this is a new dye and I was unsure of the color (it's 5 instead of 118, but still medium brown) I did all of my hair. I rinsed and rinsed, then conditioned and rinsed again. I wrapped my hair in a towel and proceeded to get dressed and do my make-up. When I unwrapped my hair to dry and style, it was super least part of it was. As I began drying, it became clear that not all of my hair had taken the dye. The top of my head is dark brown, the tips are dark brown, in between is kind of a variegated blend of light to dark. I am waiting patiently until I can dye it again, but I'm torn between using Nice and Easy again, or trying another brand. And, if I do use Nice and Easy again, should I use the same color or try the light shade. It's really dark, but my hair tends to lighten up a lot in the sun. What do you think, Internet??

I have two more products to review for you, but this one took a while. I'll tell you about those tomorrow.


Hester from Atlanta said...

Oh rats, blogger ate my comment. Anyway, I've gone gray and I like it. I can understand you not wanting to take that step right now. I mixed 2 shades together, one color lighter and 1 color darker. 1/2 of each in the color, then mix with the developer. This gave me good coverage and kept me going for a while. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Go with the multi colored hair look for now...then in a couple of weeks, use that same crappy brand and color, and try combing it through with a wide tooth comb to be sure it gets all over those crazy hairs of yours. xo

Natalie said...

Sucks so much balls. heehee

Did you say anything else?


MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

"burnt" + hair never turns out well... And Nat?! I thought I was suppose to be the 12 y/o!