Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A Funny Thing Happened on My Way to an Oil Change

I took Sandy to the Nissan dealership to get an oil change on Saturday. It has been 8 months and 5000 miles since I bought her but this was my first visit to the dealership for service. I handed the keys to my service guy and went inside to watch cartoons and knit. About an hour later, one of the service folks called my name and I went to his office area to, I thought, pay for the repairs. He asked me for my license and insurance. "That's peculiar," I thought, but didn't say anything because for all I know, that's how they do things. He's all typity-type-type on his computer and then he says, "Okay, you'll be driving one of my favorite cars, so be good to her. Your car should be ready on Tuesday." What?? "Whooaaaaa, what's wrong with my car?" I asked. It turns out I had some leaky gasket or seal or something. But the good news is it was all covered by warranty, including the rental. And what a sweet ride it was. I named her Phoebe. She's a 2011 Nissan Maxima, in Ocean Gray with all the bells and whistles--push button start, leather seats, leather wrapped steering wheel, power adjustable lumbar support, tilt/telescope steering wheel, stereo controls on the steering wheel, hands-free phone, dual a/c controls, kick ass stereo, auto-dimming rear view mirror, compass on rear view, and much more. Check her out.
But I got Sandy back today and you know, I missed her. She's my girl all the way. And the dealership gets high marks all around for customer service, even if they did reset my stereo and I had to find all my radio stations again. Boo!

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Jaclyn said...

That's why Bob always had Nissans. Sounds like a good car.