Saturday, October 01, 2011

What about the Knitters Code? Or is it really more of a guideline.

I played hooky for half a day yesterday and went to the Central Library downtown.  I perused the knitting books, gathered an armload, and then went to the Annenberg Gallery.  I paused briefly to get this picture of my absolute favorite part of the downtown library.
The rotunda!

I love the rotunda. I love that chandelier.  I love the marble floor.  Every time I'm there, I just want to stand beneath that globe, arms stretched wide, and spin until I'm too dizzy to stand.  I resist the urge, but one of these days...

Anywho, I checked out my books, then spent an inordinate amount of time in the library store because they have so many fun things to see.  I got some food and sat outside in the muggy weather to read and enjoy being out of the office.  One of the books I got had a little note attached to the front "missing pages 79-80."  I looked at the pattern picture for those pages and decided it wasn't missing much.  Well, when I started really looking at the book, I found it was missing more than those two pages.  It was missing about four full patterns. Some asshole (oh, yeah, I'm going there) ripped out the pages for the patterns they liked (leaving the pictures to tease future book borrowers) and returned the book that way.  

Isn't there some kind of Knitters Code?  Who does that?  Why wouldn't a person just photo copy (I know, copyright issues) rather than destroy a book, and inconveniencing fellow knitters?  I added an addendum to the note on the front of the book, but I hope the library doesn't think I did it.  And I really wanted to make two of the missing patterns.  Boo! Bad Knitter!!

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