Monday, October 24, 2011

Oh Hi. Remember me?

Well, the fall fundraiser is done, over, finite. I can relax and return to my normal work schedule and normal work duties, which remain abnormal, but less frantic.  What a day it was, too!  It was held at the Annenberg Community Beach House, which is lovely. However, a thick fog bank rolled in and cast an eerie glow over the parking and beach.  No matter, we were there to party and spend money, not look at the scenery.  

The staff was to wear black cocktail attire. Well, Laurie Ann loves color.  Laurie Ann cannot do all black without a pop of something something.  So, I blinged it up a bit with some teal accessories and lots of sparkly bits. [Pardon the bad cell phone photos, and self portrait of the back of my head]

Hey, there's supposed to be a faux diamond in the middle.  I found it later on the floor and fixed it.

The sangria was delicious.  I had three...or four. I can't math.

The food, by Patina catering, was unbelievable, especially the dessert, a flan concoction that was out of this world.  Our MC was a hoot, and the salsa lessons, a highlight of the evening, were a success.  Even our auction items fetched some top dollar bids.  Too bad I won four of those bids and now owe my soul to the company.  (So worth it! I got all the Pamper Me packages)  It always seems so anticlimactic, though.  All the build up and then...sigh.  It's all over but for the Thank You letters. 

PS.  All the accessories? Under $25 at Forever 21.  I love that store.

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Aunt Snow said...

Nice!! The Beach House is a great place, huh? Even with the fog. Which room was your event in?