Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Prompt Tuesday: Top Five

Deb asked for a Top Five and I hate to disappoint.

Top Five Grammatical Pet Peeves (not in any order):
  1. Improper use of the pronoun myself
  2. Unnecessary quotation marks
  3. Your vs You're
  4. Using Loose when you mean Lose, which is really a spelling error, but still pisses me off.
  5. Using weary, when you mean leery or wary. Combining the two words doesn't make you extra cautious. It just makes you dumb...and apparently tired.  Again, not really grammatical but still gets my panties in a bunch.


Aunt Snow said...

Oh, I think we could put together way more than five, don't you?

But this is a great start.

Ellen Bloom said...

Makes me crazy when people say they are ferocious readers when they really mean voracious!

Mrs. Kuhtz said...

Agree x 5. Although I am bad about the "marks". lol.

San Diego Momma said...

I HATE #5!!!!


In other news, I told you my story right? How my friend's date said he liked esgargot and that it was a real "delicatessen"?