Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Still sick

Who wants to go to Langer's and buy me some matzo ball soup?  

I took the day off yesterday to rest and get better.  Many doses of Tylenol Cold & Flu (severe formula) and lots of sleep interspersed with a Criminal Minds marathon had me feeling much better this morning.  I had to come to work for a series of meetings.  I got up, showered, put make up on, and was out the door, but halfway to work my throat started getting scratchy, my cough came back, my eyes got watery, my nose started running....that's it! I'm allergic to work!  Does disability cover that?

We talked about getting lunch for one of the meetings (and decided against it), so now I really really want Langer's matzo soup with an egg salad sandwich.  Anyone? They do the curbside pick-up.

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