Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I suspect arson

I haven't used the microwave at work since last week as I was taken to lunch on Monday and completely forgot to eat yesterday.  So, when I opened the door to use it today, I was shocked at the general filth I found inside.  Apparently, someone one wasn't paying attention and whatever they were cooking caught on fire.  The entire inside of the microwave is scorched and there's even scorch marks on the outside vents.  And I'm not talking a little bit scorched like a burnt bag of popcorn.  I talking call-in-the-arson-investigators scorched. It does appear that the perpetrator tried to clean up a little, but you can't get rid of that charred smell.

I tried to clean it using my tried and true sugar scrub mixed with Dawn, but only the bottom came clean...and that was covered by the Pyrex plate (which was burned with a tar-like substance, but I managed to get that clean) so not as bad.  I finally gave up and called it--time of death unknown.  I can only imagine this fire happened after hours because no one knew about it.  Trust me, all one has to do is burn just a few kernels and the whole office is on your ass, so a fire of this magnitude would have brought all kinds of wrath.  Check out the damage.
 I'm not sure why these photos are rotated, but you can still see the grossness.

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marniecat said...

Ben had an employee once at Tower who made some microwave mac and cheese. Didn't read the directions and had no clue he was supposed to add water. Disaster and char ensued. Microwave that was about a week old went in the trash! It's a microwave people, it's not that difficult.