Monday, December 12, 2011

My Muse needs an intervention and an off switch

Here's an excerpt from an email I sent my sister a week or so ago:

I'm in full-on crazy knitter mode right now.  My muse (she inherited all the crazy from those southern women in our background) decided at 1am Saturday (11/26) morning that I absolutely HAD to make something (a specific something that shall remain a mystery for now), and that this something needed to be done by December 1st.  Four days?  No problem since I don't have anything to do at all.  Christina laughed at me and said, "Why on earth would you even attempt that?"  Christina clearly does not have a muse, or at least not a crazy ass Southern one like me.  "

That project?  I gave up. It's obvious I was only fooling myself if I thought I'd actually get it done in time for Christmas (December 1st was a pipe dream), or even my sister's birthday, which is December 30th.  I'll complete the project for next Christmas, but for now, I'm on to Plan B.

What's Plan B?  Well, my crazy muse decided I needed to learn a new knitting technique, master it, and make gifts for everyone on my list.  She decided this yesterday at about 11:30am.  I learned the technique.  Master?  We'll see.  But I have started one of the gifts.  I have to download a pattern for another one.  Oh, and there's these mittens and gloves I've yet to finish.  Damn, what is my problem?  And there's the so-soft-and-pretty-I-had-to-buy-it yarn I picked up last week, because I need to make myself something, right?  Did I mention the Holiday cards I'm making?  Because it seemed like a good idea?

Please, if you see my muse, get her black-out drunk, then lock her in a closet somewhere.  I do not need any more projects at this time.

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