Wednesday, November 30, 2005

The B man, The Princess and me

I have to get faster with this camera. I stepped off the 105 at Beverly and came face to face with a man peeing right there against the wall of the Sofitel Hotel. By the time I got the camera ready, he had turned to face me and I had to pretend I was taking pictures of the flowers or something. Pity, 'cause nothing dresses up a blog entry like a homeless man's wang.

So, the 14 came and it was empty. Since everyone else had bum-rushed the Rapid Bus, I was all alone. Just me and Beret Man. I tried to be sneaky and snap a photo of the elusive prey, but he kept glancing back at me in his rearview. Instead, I pulled out my knitting and got even more dirty looks. Hey Pal! This ain't the airport. I'm allowed to having knitting needles. KNITTING IS NOT A CRIME!

Okay, so anywho, it started to fill up and this little princess got on with her mom. She was carrying a faux Louis V. handbag. Mom was handing her snacks from a bag as soon as Princess snapped her fingers. Princess was about 8 years old. At one point, the back doors didn't close all the way and the bus couldn't move forward. B.Man tried to jar them into position to know avail. Finally, he got up and came back to manually fix the doors. While B.Man was doing the revving and jarring action, Princess got this panicked look on her face and started crying and whimpering, "Mommy, Mommy...". What the ****? So the bus is stalled. Is that really a reason to cry and panic? I actually put down the knitting to watch her because it was such an inappropriate reaction.

Part two, Valley Girls coming soon....

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