Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Brit is back

Hooray. My friend Sue has returned from England so I don't have to ride the #14 with Beret Man by myself. Beret Man (Sue says Berry Man 'cause she's English) is the meanest bus driver ever. He wears a beret (hence the name) and barely pauses at the stop long enough for a person to make it up the first two steps before he's hauling ass down Beverly Blvd again. And he's rude. Seriously rude. Last February or so, it was pouring like the dickens and BM paused at my stop on Park View long enough for me to get off, but started up while my backpack was still in the doorway. This caused my backpack to be pulled from my back and plopped into a giant puddle on the side of the road. All of my books were wet and I spent the rest of the semester studying from a warped text book. I curse that beret wearing son of a .....
So, one day, Sue stopped after showing her pass to read his driver information card and wrote down his ID number. The next day, Beret Man was wearing a baseball cap. I guess he thought he was incognito that way. Now when he sees her get on, he's very considerate. Well, considerate compared to his regular demeanor. While Sue was gone, the jerk drove right past me while I was standing at the stop. JERK! I have no photos of Beret Man. He scares me.

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