Wednesday, November 23, 2005

It's my birthday and I'll pout if I want to

Cute guy who works at Hustler was on the bus today. He has eyebrows that make him look perpetually surprised, like this /\ /\ , but his connect, of course. He's kind of hot in a dangerous, possibly Persian way. He always stops at Coffee Bean when we get off the bus. Now, I've been to Hustler and they have some damn fine coffee, which I'm sure employees can enjoy at a substantial discount. So why pay for the coffee at Coffee Bean? hmmm....

So, yeah, it's my birthday and my boss completely forgot, despite the adorable cupcake I drew on the big vacation calendar and the pin I am wearing strategically placed upon my ample bosom that reads "It's my birthday. Who's buying?" Round about 3:30 one of the guys came into the office to wish me a Happy and the boss sheepishly said, "oh, I'm sorry. I forgot". Well, he's not alone. My father sent a Happy Thanksgiving email, but no birthday mention. Nothing from my mother yet, or the two out of three brothers who aren't in jail. Naturally my darling sister emailed me and my closest friends remembered. I don't care if I sound six. I LOVE MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!

Now, seriously, who's buying?

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