Friday, November 25, 2005

Do not operate office equipment under the influence

My brothers drunk faxed me work! Thanks Guys!

The bus driver pulled over in front of Starbucks to pee. He didn't want to pick me up a
Venti Sumatra blend. That's just rude. Oh, I should probably clarify that and say he went inside Starbucks to use their bathroom. He didn't just pee in the street, although I dare say he wouldn't have been the first to do so at that corner.

I have allergy eyes and don't want to work today. Had to walk to Ivar because of the Homeless Hoedown at my regular stop. All the usual suspects were there--Crutch Guy (see photo), Drunken Ho, Projectile Vomiter, Recycler, and a few guest stars, Close Talker, HomoHomeless, and The Unknown Unknown Comic. They seemed a little rowdy, so I felt it was best to avoid the fray.

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