Thursday, May 11, 2006

Better than a cup of joe

Nothing wakes a girl up like pulling into her parking spot at work just in time to see a homeless man with his pants around his ankles. He quickly covered his dangly bits, but for a split second I saw flesh...or at least flesh tones. While I struggled to avert my gaze and gather my bags, Hairy Homeless pulled up his shorts. and then another pair of shorts. and another. and another. then a pair of nylon jogging pants. then his jeans. Okay, I guess I wasn't doing a very good job at averting my eyes, but seriously, he was right there next to my car. It's not like I could avoid him altogether. Sadly, I missed the layering of the T shirt-T shirt-flannel shirt-jacket ensemble.

I want to crochet a bag for my friend's birthday and another one for another friend, but I needed supplies. I rounded up my maintenance pal and found an excuse to go to the lumber/hardware store. Now I used to work at a lumber yard back in Pennsyltucky. We did NOT sell fine cookware, scented candles, bathroom accessories, blenders, and other pretty things like they do here in West Hollywood.

When we got back, we saw this woman trying to park. I'm not parallel parking expert, but I'm sure better than this chick. (see illustration)
Her front fender was on the sidewalk, and her back end was in traffic. The Muscle and I were laughing and calling to her (from the safety of my office) "Back up, you moron." Even strangers walking down the street were laughing at her. Then, we felt bad because apparently, her gas guage doesn't work and she ran out of gas. She couldn't back up and straighten it out. Don't I feel like sheepish .

Well, it's Thursday and I'm tired already. Guess I'll go home and sleep...or maybe I'll start right now. zzzzz


MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

:) Compliment back to you - I *love* that you mock the bad drivers. What is up with that? Didn't they have to master the parallel parking for their driving test?! Sheeyat.

And I'm jealous about the Wacoals. I once had one, but that was all I could afford - ONE. But I loved that bra.

Sachi said...

We missed you tonight. I actually left fairly early. I started getting a little nervous when Annika didn't show up EXACTLY at the time I expected her but she DID show up and she's still carrying kinda high so I guess she's got a week or more left.

Laurie Ann said...

Monkeygurrrrrl: My friend helped me out with the purchase. I LOVE these bras, but sure as hell can't afford any more than this.

Sachi: I stayed on the internet until 8:30 to monitor an ebay bid. Then I was just too tired.