Thursday, May 25, 2006

Grievances of The Day

What happened to Sayid?
Those of you who don't watch "Lost" can skip to the next grievance. I realize that season finales are supposed to be cliffhangers, like that frightening car accident in the last seconds of the "Alias" finale last season. But last we saw Sayid and company, they had climbed up to the camp and found it abandoned. So, Sayid, former Iraqi intelligence agent, is just going to light a fire and not wonder why the camp was empty? Or, think "Dang! Michael duped us again," and find a way to search for his friends? I don't buy that. And why didn't Jack take off his shirt? Ashamed to be shirtless in the presence of the other two hotties? (mmm...sigh)
And the electromagnet field--did Desmond destroy it? Did that flash in the sky and, presumably, horrible noise mean the electromagnetism is all willy-nilly on the island? If so, how on earth will Michael be able to pilot the boat? Won't the compass be screwy?
Did anyone else thinks those two guys playing chess were a commercial?
It's going to be a long summer.

There is a driveway between the two houses on the plot of land on which I live. It is unclear to which house the driveway belongs, but as both are owned by the same person, it never mattered. As long as I have lived there, residents have unofficially parked there. First Seth, who lived where the loud-sex guy lives, then Rasta Pasta, with his van. Currently, or at least until yesterday, loud-sex guy, Redneck family, and Jennifer, Latina Gladys Kravitz's daughter, were parking in the driveway. Until yesterday...
While I was at work, Frau Piss-me-off put up gates, or rather moved gates, to block the driveway. The gates were originally mounted at the far end of the driveway, near that thing that looks like a garage (see photo) but which was recently converted to an impossibly tiny apartment for which Frau Slumlord will charge an exorbitant amount of money. As you can see, the gates have been moved up to the front of the driveway. Thus, three more cars are forced to park on an already crowded street and I had to park around the block, near the crack house, and fear all night for the safety of my car.
Why? Why does it bother her if people park in the driveway? She's never there. It's never been a problem. Why does Frau Pennypincher care so much about a damned driveway that she would pay good money to have a gate moved? (knowing her, she busted out the power tools and did it herself.)

How hard is it to open a carton of half & half? The man has opposable thumbs, after all.

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