Thursday, September 21, 2006

I hear the sirens call

Damn you, Fall Line Up! I need Tivo, but in order to have that I need cable. Direct TV has been wooing me with their offers of SundayNFL Ticket, but I can't have a dish at my place. Now, I'm pretty adept at setting the VCR and I can tape like a fiend, but I'll be missing either the last two minutes of one show or the first two minutes of the next. And what about when two shows are on at the same time on different networks? I only have one TV and one VCR!! Crap! When did I become a TV addict. Sure, I had my shows, but I was never overly concerned if I missed a few episodes (except Gilmore Girls, or Buffy and Angel back in the day) When did it become so all-important for me to see every show? Oh, when the shows started looking good...and when the WB and UPN combined. Damn it!


MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Sometimes you gotta be an adult, step up to the plate, and just make a friggin decision! No more wishy-washiness. No more "I *like* Dancing with the Stars, but that guy on CSI Miami is just so HAWT!" No more waffling. Make a choice and stick to it. Then, when repeat season starts, you can watch the one you didn't pick.

Speaking of decisions, I'm trying to decide whether to go to WeHo SnB tonite, or the play reading at Suss. Hmmmmmm.

Roy said...

Decisions are fine, but why choose when you can have your cake and eat it too. With the Digital Video Recorder provided by my cable company, not only do I have access to all my favorite channels, but I can record up to two shows at once while viewing a third channel all at the time! Choosing what I want to record is a snap, and with the option to record an entire series, I never have to miss out again! Family? Friends? An active social life? Who needs them! You certainly won't when as you sit through marathon sessions catching up on all the quality Television you could ever dream of.

Seriously though, DVR is going to be my best friend come October, since I work when Battlestar Galactica is on. I know I'm a hopeless dork, but missing my BSG makes Roy a sad panda.

Ellen Bloom said...

I don't like being a slave to TV, but I find that I am!! One thing that has saved our 4 TV- 2 VCR household is the internet!! I read synopses of my less fave shows on or It may not be the same as actually seeing the program, but at least you can talk about it intelligently with others.

I must say, I can get quite a bit of knitting and crocheting accomplished while I watch the tube!

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Roy is a dork. Roy is a dork. And I'm afraid Ellen might be leaning that way as well!