Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Yesterday, the driver of a 7-Up truck tried to make the corner by my place of employment and cut it too tight. He ran up onto the curb, with the trailer of his truck wedged up against the lamp post, and his middle tires completely off the ground. I was in a hurry to get to school so I didn't snap a picture, but enjoy this artist's rendering. The yellow and red thing is my place of employment. The truck stayed in this position most of the day and well into the evening.

I just wanted to share something that made me smile. While I'm not quite as accomplished a food photographer as our own Ellen Bloom, is this not the cutest cake ever? It's a burger! It's a cake! (my sister, my daughter, my sister, my daughter) Forget it, Jake, it's...well, it was Ralphs, and not even near Chinatown. Dang.


Ellen Bloom said...

Laurie Ann!

L*O*V*E that hamburger cake! So adorable!!! Ralph's bakery is getting pretty fancy, eh?
Thanks for the food photo compliment!
Last weekend I was an art show and there were hamburger cookies on the snack table. Do I sense a trend here?

Ellen B.

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Holy moly, so that is really a cake?!?! Tooo frickin funny! What Ralphs? I may have to get it for the WeeMonkey's birdday!

Uccellina said...

At the news stand in the Farmers Market they sell hamburgers made of marshmallow. Scariest damn things I've ever seen.

I can dig the cake, though.

miss kendra said...

they should make a cake out of hamburger.

wait, no. that wouldn't be good.

laurie said...

OMG that cake is ROCKSTAR!!

I love your artist's rendering :)