Sunday, November 12, 2006

My head hurts and this place smells

I don't really have anything to say. I just didn't want to leave you all hanging for days without any news from me. I'm alive. My first unemployment check came. I'm so happy. I also bought an iron and tabletop ironing board, which also made me happy. I'm a simple girl with simple needs.

Seriously, this internet cafe smells like a sewer backed up and flooded the place. I needs me a home computer and some DSL--STAT! (What does STAT mean anyway?). I tried the library today. I got up early and hurried down there just so I could beat the rush of homeless literrati to the free computers only to find each and every computer, save the 15-minute-limit ones, had been booked already. EVERY STINKING ONE! Let's see, seven floors, with at least three computers per floor, plus the actual computer room, which has four or five terminals, least 25 computers were already booked. And the 15 minute ones? Well, I guess I'm not as spry as I used to be because I was denied in three departments. So I waited in the Arts department for tubbby iPod boy to finish up, and while my head was turned, the jerk logged back on for a second session. Arrgh! Okay, take it easy. It's just another 15 minutes. After that I'll politely, but firmly, tell him to move his ass. I waited and waited. A line was forming behind me. The librarian told me that if no one showed up for their booked session within 10 minutes, the reserved computers were up for grabs. But what she didn't tell me, before I got out of line and forfeited my place at the 15-minute computer, was that the Art department reserved computers were not working properly and so even though it was 1:15 and no one was there, I couldn't use one. [this is the part where steam blasts out of my ears and my face turns beet red]. So I went downstairs to wait 20 minutes in line to pay for my overdue books, forgot to validate and had to pay $7.50 to get out of the garage, which would only have cost me a dollar had I validated. Total cost of Library visit: $21. Total productivity? 0

So, here I sit at the Stinkernet Cafe drinking bad coffee, catching up on some blog reading, and looking at some job sites. Oh, and looking at the freaks on Sunset Boulevard, of which there are plenty.

I'll talk to you all later.

PS--Now the freakin' Blogger won't publish this post. For the love of all that is sacred and holy, can't I catch a break today???

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MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

"Statim" is Latin for "immediately" and is used abbreviated, stat, in medical terminology for the same meaning.