Monday, August 25, 2008

Gladly suffering fools since...never

It's Monday and I just read my weekly Site Meter report. I'm always excited to see that people from around the globe have checked out my humble little blog. Many of you find me through other blogs and some through Google searches for something random I may have mentioned. (I'm still trying to figure out the inordinate amount of searches for nekkid Ron Corning photos) The most popular Google search leading to this here blog is "Suffer Fools Lightly." I posted about it (because I don't) and I'm like the third item on the list when searched. In an effort to be helpful, because that's what I do, I will endeavor to explain the quote--the correct quote--it's origins and what it means.

The correct quote is "For ye suffer fools gladly, seeing ye yourselves are wise." It was said by St. Paul and can be found in the Bible (go ahead and touch it, you won't burn--much) in II Corinthians, 11:19. According to one site, Paul is actually saying that if you suffer fools then you are yourself also a fool. What's that? Sarcasm? In biblical times? From a saint?? Paul has just been elevated to my favorite saint above Dymphna (whose name I chose for my confirmation name but was not allowed to use because Monsignor Cawley thought she was an inappropriate role model) and Saint Rene (whose name I DID use because it was a boy saint and I thought that was rebellious). Go Sarcastic Saul (his real name; see I paid attention in class).

Used as a cliche in modern times, it is often quoted (as I did) that one "does NOT suffer fools gladly/ lightly." Generally, this is said to indicate an intolerance of stupidity or sometimes people in general.

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