Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday at Citywalk

Tina, who is brutally honest for someone who is NOT a Sagittarius, gave me a much needed "snap out of it" and insisted we do something fun so I get out of my house and out of my funk. Thanks, Tina! Kick in the pants accepted. We met up at Citywalk to get some lunch and see a movie. Oh the sights you see when you've only brought a small purse and not the big one with your camera.

First of all, what is with all the punk hair? Is there some kiosk that does temporary hair color and mohawks? Or, am I just old and the whole spiked hair and Manic Panic is back in.
There was a quinceanera group at the pizza place next to the theater. The birthday girl was dressed in an orange (okay, I know some may call it peach or melon, but trust me, it was orange) lame gown with a lacy bodice. Her court had the ugliest dresses ever--Orange halter style with gold lame on the boobs. Orange, people--and gold lame? Were they the Solid Gold Dancers?

We had lunch at Andrews Panda Inn, which is just downstairs from Panda Express. I wonder if it hurts their business? Or perhaps the fact that is smells like a damp basement inside? Seriously, Tina and I stood their waiting to be seated and wrinkling our noses. We finally asked to be seated outside where we did battle with the bees (but didn't kill them) and enjoyed a fresh breeze. As we enjoyed our lunch and caught up with each other's lives, I couldn't keep my eyes off the LCD screen across the way--M&Ms, pure melted chocolate, candy raining down--My God--IT'SUGAR!!! (that's not a typo, that's just how they spell it) We headed over to get some movie snacks. Grossest thing ever--a real bug inside a lollipop, on purpose. Real. Bug. Ew.

Armed with Mike & Ikes and some sour gummy snackage, we headed over to the AMC to see "Tropic Thunder." It was surprisingly good, given that I'm not a huge fan of Ben Stiller films (but I do like Jack Black and Robert Downey, Jr.). The cameos were my favorite part. Go see it! It's worth your time. Know what the best part was? The AMC theatres have those new Dyson hand dryers in the bathrooms. It really does completely dry your hands lickety split. Tina doesn't even use public restrooms, but joined me this time for the thrill of the dry.

All in all a good Saturday.

OH, I almost forgot. So, I took the train out to Citywalk and it's kind a long way between Hollywood/Highland and Universal City (on account of going under the mountain). I was in the Commuter Zone (listening to music, game face on) when suddenly images start flashing past the window inside the tunnel on a LCD screen--strange cartoon images with big eyes. I felt like they were sending subliminal messages. I whispered "Miranda" but no one got it.


woolanthropy said...

Dyson hand dryers?! How fantastic. I am a big fan of Dyson. I have the Animal vacuum. It's the best vacuum ever!

Glad you got out of the house & had a good time.

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

I like the dude what promotes Dyson. With that accent, he's a sexy beast. I could pretend it's him that's blowing on my hands...