Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A smattering of scattered thoughts (full of linky goodness)

Damn, Hillary! That was one hell of a speech. Good for you!

Ya'll know how much I love my nephew, The Roy. His blog post today is a perfect example. If you don't feel like clicking the link, I'll give you the Cliff Notes. Roy has a cranky old lady living next door. In the past she has complained about such things as not bringing his trash can in from the curb in a timely manner. This time, she basically accused him of stealing her Lamb's Ear plant from her yard. No matter how much he explained that it wasn't hers, she still insisted it was. Finally, she asked him if she could have some so she could replant it back in her yard. Roy said, "sure, go ahead." Then, she handed him the shovel and said, "no, you dig it up." And do you know what Roy did? He dug up all the Lamb's Ear and gave it to his neighbor. Why? Because Roy is a sweetheart and even though he feels like a pushover for not being able to stand up for himself, I love that he is a nice person and is kind to little old ladies. I hope you never lose that, Roy. On the other hand, he's not above laughing at cranky old ladies either.

I'm going to go on record and say the Ozark Mountain Daredevils are highly underrated and so much more than "Jackie Blue."

Moving on: Why ask a person how to spell their name if you're not going to spell it correctly? The gal at Papa Christo's asked, "Is that L-o-r-i or L-a-u-r-i-e?" I told her the correct spelling only to find LAURA written on the bags when I picked up the order. You'd think the senseless slaughter of my name at the hands of countless Starbucks baristas would have made me less sensitive about this but, seriously, it's not like my name is unusual or unique. How hard is it?

I've pondered this before but I shall ponder anew--why do people slow down when they pass a cop writing a ticket on the side of the road? It's not as if the officer is going to hop in his car and chase you. You're likely going too fast for him to call for backup to chase you. And, slowing down? That just screams "guilty" and pisses off the lady in the green Jetta behind you who is trying to drive with a floppy shoe.

Speaking of the floppy shoe, it was really more bendy than floppy. I wore a skirt and sandals today, and the sandals had a bendy sole. So every time I hit the clutch, the sole bent and got stuck! I ended up having to take off the sandals and drive barefoot. I don't usually like to drive barefoot (it's illegal and haven't I had enough trouble with the law?) but it felt sooooo good.

Dear Dancing with the Stars: Playing a little fast and loose with the definition of "star," aren't you?

Lastly, since they did me a solid with links today, I want to turn you all on to Superforest.org. Super Forest, a Catalogue of Sustainable Achievement according to their tagline, is an awesome blog that never fails to make me smile or think or, in today's case, act. I'm trying to think of a quick, one-line description of this blog, but I can't do it. There's just too much going on over there. Check it out. Their "Peace Alphabet" alone is worth the trip. (the letter P is my favorite, because I'm apparently 12, but F and G are good, too)


Annika said...

Theory: there was someone named Laura there at the same time who had exactly the same order and is wondering why the hell her bag said Laurie.

Also, I drive barefoot all the time. I am a criminal!

Anne-Marie said...

The floor mat in one of our cars gets stuck under the pedals all the time. Very annoying. Also, I miss the automatic I have been driving lately, I keep slamming my foot on the break instead of the clutch.

Also again, it pisses me off when my name is spelled wrong in emails, especially replies to emails I have sent. People are lazy and/or stupid. I know I am :)

Funky Muffins said...

Driving barefoot is a favorite summer activity. I had no idea it was breaking the law. How does one get found out though? Can't you just slip on your footwear while the cop makes their way over to your vehicle?

woolanthropy said...

fast and loose for sure
especially when driving.
it's the way I roll

Ellen Bloom said...

They never get my name right at coffee places, restaurants, etc. Instead of "Ellen" they always say Helen, Eileen, Elaine, whatever. So, long ago I decided I'd say that my name is "Joan." How easy is that? One day, a name was called, no one replied. They meant me when they called "Juan"!

From now on, call me Sue or Pam at the take-out counter!