Sunday, August 31, 2008

Oh, did I tell you what I did Thursday?

No? I went to the races with my Tower friends! You may remember from this post, we Tower folk used to make an annual trip to Del Mar to watch the horses race (mostly to drink and bitch about the corporate guys). Well, Tower may be no more, but we refuse to see the tradition die. Our group may have been smaller this year (15 of us) we still had a great time. Look at the horses for the first race:Can you see the #3 horse? IN THE POCONOS!! How could I not bet on that horse? Sadly, she didn't win. However, Mystic Seaport, on which I also bet, did come in third so I made a few bucks back. My biggest win of the day came in the 4th race where I won a whopping $24.80 by betting on all three of the winning horses across the board. Jarod was a big winner by betting a Trifecta and we all jumped on his bandwagon. It didn't help. I ended up losing for the rest of they day.
Even though Jarod, Alex and I were the only ones going all the way back to LA, we still made the most of the time we had on the train. We did get to keep Valerie, Scooter, er, I mean, Scott, and Steve Miller (who didn't sing for us this year) all the way to Fullerton, though we lost folks along the way. Special thanks to the lovely Marnie Carvalho for being the point person and getting this whole thing organized. And thanks to everyone else who made it, including Jared Owen representing the San Diego faction, Irene, Carlos, Marnie, Ben, Jeff, and Conan bringing the OC flavor, and Ron and Rick, who made a cameo appearance before disappearing into the mist (was he really there at all?). Valerie is a sad clown (with her Baby Bel cheese wax nose) because we don't spend nearly enough time together.

As for Del Mar? It seemed quieter, as if the magic has gone out of visiting the track. The infield bar didn't have the special cups for the Del Margaritas or Rumrunners, so I just drank beer. There were only two actual people taking bets with the rest of the windows being "manned" by computers which didn't work half the time and were incredibly frustrating. Give me the cranky old guys at the betting window any day. At least we still had our favorite picnic table behind the info booth.

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woolanthropy said...

I would have bet in the Poconos too!
Surf n Turf sounds like lotsa fun.