Monday, May 11, 2009

It's Monday and this is all I've got

Waiting at the corner of DeLongpre and Vine, a police car sat in the left turn lane while I was in the right lane. This guy starts crossing the street looking like he's up to no good and then he stops in the middle of the crosswalk and waves at the police officers. Really? Because nothing says "I'm up to something" like looking as if you're up to something. Then, silly me, I was making a right on red and actually hesitated because the police were there. It's a perfectly legal move, but I guess my old rebel days and mindset have me nervous around the po po still.

Since they repaved Wilton, they added this at the corner of Wilton and Beverly,
which is awesome. If you've ever taken this route, you may remember that Wilton becomes one lane between Beverly and 2nd Street. Before this new addition, you had to play "Who's car has more pick up" in order to go from two lanes to one and still make it through one of the shortest green lights in the city. Jamie, being of manual transmission, does a pretty good job out of the gate, but there's always some idiot not willing to accept defeat who has to muscle his way in. I'm happy for this new traffic pattern, although I still saw four cars in the right lane go straight across. Oh well, it's new. They'll get used to it.

Look at my little Shamrock growing like a weed:I'm so happy for my little plant. Unfortunately, the bean that I was trying to grow did not sprout. It turned moldy instead. ew.

Last night after chatting with my Mom, I heard this buzzing sound like a swarm of locusts. What the ? Is Moses back and no one told me? I looked all around my apartment, decided it was outside and then looked out all my windows. Turns out a guy in the house around the corner, whose backyard abuts mine, was playing with a remote control car with an engine the size of a lawn mower. I might add his back yard is about as big as my living room, so really it was just hitting the wall and bouncing back. But, dang, it was loud.

Also, this Savage Chickens cartoon reminded me of my quiet night.Of course mine should read "Gnome's high heels" and "lawn mower-sized remote control car."

Hope y'all had a more productive Monday than I.


Sara said...

I live right at the corner of Wilton and Beverly, and while I like the new right turn lane, I hate the idiots who don't seem the see the big NO LEFT TURN sign and stop up traffic. What I hate even more than them though, are the asses who sit on their horn, honking at the idiots trying to make a left turn. Every day during rush hour, my living room is filled with their honking. Get over it!

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

"and this is all I've got"?! Boy, you packed a LOT into the post!

I agree re: po-po. Even at my advanced, boring age, I still get a tremor of fear when I see the boys in blue. Or maybe that's just the cougar trying to get out... (conflicted much?!)

LA Traffic. 'Nuff said.


And r/c car into walls? It may be loud, but at least you know it's not long for this world!

San Diego Momma said...

Police always freak me out. They're like priests in that you always feel like you've done something wrong and they're thisclose to finding out about it.

Also, the Savage Chickens cartoon! EXACTLY! Except replace every sound with the melodiousness of children screaming and that'd be me reading.