Thursday, May 07, 2009

The nearly full moon brings it

I had one of those days at work, so I was not surprised that Jamie decided to act up on the way to the Farmer's Market tonight. Actually, she was fine until I pulled into the parking lot, when she thought it was a good idea to scream, "OIL!" Tell me something, folks. Does it make sense for the oil light to come on when the oil tank is COMPLETELY EMPTY? Wouldn't it be much more helpful if it gave you a warning before you were in danger of your engine seizing? Or, is it just Volkswagens that do that? Rather than take a chance, I left Jamie in the lot and walked up to the Chevron on Fairfax and Beverly where I had to count pretty much every penny in my purse to pay for two quarts of oil. $6 per quart!! Holy Crap! Anyway, Jamie is now two quarts happier and I'll be eating bread and butter for the next week.

But on a lighter note, Natalie brought this awesome book to show us tonight. I must knit all of these toys right away (or have someone else knit them because seriously, I haven't even finished all the hat orders and it's damn near summer). It's the Knitted Odd-bod Bunch by Donna Wilson. It has the cutest oddball knitted toys you've ever seen. There's this one with a giant head and the funniest teeth--oh my Lord, I couldn't stop laughing. I told Natalie about my Ugly Bunny, which I love and only partially because it was a gift from a special boy. So, here he is in all his oddball glory.I do have a soft spot for the odd, the outcasts, the quirky and the just plain weird.


MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

I love Ugly Bunny. . . But I think he needs some surgical intervention on that hernia!!

woolanthropy said...

MG is right about that hernia. Maybe you should knit UB some pants. Ugly Bunny is a surefire lovable misfit. I can see shy you love him. He needs some oddbod friends. fershure.

Anne-Marie said...

My Dan has a VW Jetta and his light came on a couple of weeks ago, we needed to put almost a full carton of oil in to see the difference. Advanced warning is something VW could definitely work on.