Friday, May 29, 2009

Vintage Photo Friday--Cheeriffic

I know this is supposed to be Vintage photos and I hardly think of 1977 as vintage, but here it is.Click on the photo to make it bigger. That's me all the way over on the right. The other girl making up the base is Amy Miller. I know she looks boyish, but she was a girly girl at heart. In high school, she had an semi-illicit affair with the athletic trainer whom she later married and who is now the mayor of our hometown. Not a bad catch, Amy.
The girl on top with the Farrah hair is Jessie Eschenbach. She was a gymnast who did all kinds of flips and stuff during our half time routines. She weighed about 10 oz. We got lucky.
The redhead in the middle with the excellent form (look at those straight arms) is my BFF Joann. Naomi Manson is on her back. Kathy Hartman is on the far left, the girl next to her is Sue something, and I can't for the life of me remember the name of the girl on top, even though she was our captain that year. Ah, what I wouldn't give to have those thighs again.

Flash forward a year or two:My mom took this photo in our back yard one day in early September. It was too hot the day this picture was taken for me to wear the uniform sweater, however, when cheering I hated the days we didn't wear sweaters because that red turtleneck made me look totally boobilicious. Again, those legs. That is my lovely sister, Kate, beside me in her Notre Dame High School cheerleading uniform. I never cheered for my school; I wasn't good enough. But I was cheer captain two years running for ESYA. I was captain three times, actually, the first being in my Jr. Pee Wee days when I was 7 and adorable. But to be honest, they only made me and Gretchin* Wagner co-captains because we looked like twins and everyone thought that was cute.

*not spelled incorrectly on my part. That's the way her father spelled it on the hospital form.


Annika said...

DAMN! I never had legs that nice.

MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

:) I hate to admit it, but 1977 *is* considered vintage (I go by the old car adage - if it's over 20 y/o and in good condition, it's vintage.) Which makes us prime vintage finds. :)

You look great. It's kind of a trip, tho, seeing you as a young girl. I could have picked you out of any line-up, tho. You still look like you. :)

woolanthropy said...

Personally I am loving the saddle shoes at the ends of those fine high kickin legs.

Great photos. I am very impressed that you remember almost everyone's name. oh the memory ain't what it used to be.