Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I wonder what Tuesday was like in that other dimension

Remember back here when I decided I must have been sleepwalking? Well, I was kidding then, but now I'm not so sure. I keep waking up utterly exhausted and my eyes simply will not stay open. I chalked it up to late nights and too much television. That was, until I got in my car Monday morning. When I got in, the trip odometer had been reset (it hadn't been at the reset number yet) and had 2.7 miles on it, and the dashboard clock read 2:16. It was 8:01!! Not only am I walking and driving in my sleep, I'm doing so in another dimension!! I reset the clock and it's running fine, as is the odometer. Clearly, I'm only sleepdriving on the weekends.

You know that earthquake today? It had nothing to do with fault lines. Nope. It was a direct result of how much I ROCKED today. I solved one crisis after another, ordered lunch with 20 minutes to spare, got rock star parking in front of the Greek restaurant and made it back in time for the lunch meeting, faxed, scanned, figured out how to create a form in Adobe (which I know most people know, but I didn't and I figured it out on my own, so it's totally a big accomplishment), and generally kicked some serious ass. Phew! Sometimes I surprise myself (but not as much as I surprise others, I'm sure).

Also, OMG, what did Annie hit at the end of "90210"? It looked like a buffalo. And seriously, how hot did Liam look lying in bed? Rowr. (hush up, Denise; he's 25. That's totally legal)


MonkeyGurrrrrl said...

Kick ass cougar!

woolanthropy said...

Are you sure you are sleepdriving? Or are the gnomes out joyriding in your sleep?