Monday, May 31, 2010

Things you won't find here, so stop looking

Today is Needs More Gingham report day (from my site reader) and once again the mind is boggled by which search words lead to this blog. But mostly, I'm boggled that THAT many people are actually looking these things up. Here are the top search words that lead to my blog, but which will yield you no additional information.
  1. Lamb's Ear--I didn't even know what it was until my nephew talked about it and even then, I had to Google it to see what it looks like. I didn't include a picture when I mentioned it, so you're out of luck here. Guess what I don't find when googling lamb's ear? This blog! No, seriously, I tried. I went 15 pages deep and nothing. How is Lamb's Ear leading you here? At least now I'll understand it.
  2. Ron Corning Shirtless--I have searched the Internet in hopes that I could help out the folks looking for some Corning beefcake, but I'm afraid it I came up empty. Good luck, though.
  3. Clowns--They scare me.
Other things bringing folks to my yard, which you will find on here although not very informative: Blue Peen (aka Dr. Manhattan), "Suffer fools lightly," men in uniform, tonsils, and KTLA.