Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Successful Saturday

Since I have to have my car off Wilcox by 8am on Saturdays, I decided to hit the monthly "2nd
Saturday" Stitch and Bitch at the Farmers Market. Wow, it's a different world at that hour. First of all, who are all these people who are awake at that early? I mean, The Grove was packed by 9:30. I still found rock star parking, but man, who knew there was this much activity in the world while I slept. The Saturday crowd was a lively bunch, I had a great breakfast, and I actually managed to knit a lot.

But my Saturday was not over by Noon. Oh, no. I had a whole day planned. I was on a mission. I've been having some grip issues. Carpal Tunnel? Arthritis? Whatever it is, it hurts and is making knitting difficult, as well as typing, writing, holding a coffee mug...pretty much anything that requires my hand to grip. Not fun. Our office masseuse massaged my arms and hands and gave me some tips, as did Lauren on Thursday. But I was looking for something that, should this issue persist, would allow me to knit more easily. I was on the search for the elusive square knitting needles. But first? I took a trip to Barnes and Noble for a book or two (or three. I'm impossible.)

I mapped out a route from the Farmers Market to yarn store A, from yarn store A to yarn store B, then yarn store B to yarn store C. Two out of three of these yarn stores were having sales, so it was a dangerous mission to be sure, but my poor fingers and wrists were depending on me. My route took me over Laurel Canyon, which I would never have tried with Jamie because, well, are you kidding me? Laurel Canyon with a manual transmission? Even with the Volkswagen's hill hold assist system, it would have been madness. I'm sure many people do it but I never even tried La Cienega past Fountain (toward Sunset, of course, not downhill) with Jamie and I have good hill skills. Guess what? It was fun! Sandy just zoomed* up and around the twists and turns like it was nothing.

Yarn store A had square knitting needles in circular only. I grabbed a size 7 just to have them. They were having a big yarn sale, but there was such a cluster of ladies standing around eating cake that I didn't want to bother. Yarn store B did not have the square needles. Saleswoman #1 told me that each time they'd had them in stock, they sold out right away. Saleswoman #2 said they would likely not be getting any more in because "they're not really as popular as the company would have hoped." Really? Even though you sell out every time you have them? Hmm, whatever. They weren't very customer service oriented anyway. Yarn store C--ah, my favorite. They always have the nicest sales people working (as does yarn store A, but it's just a little too far for me). It's hard to yarn shop sometimes when I don't have a specific project in mind, however, I did manage to get some Noro Silk Garden Sock, this gorgeous black fingering weight hand dyed with just a hint of blue that reminded me of midnight,
and this wee ball of Japanese silk blend which has surprisingly 110 yards of yarn. Look how tiny! It fits in the palm of my hand! How do they do it?

Sadly, what I thought would be an all-day affair only last until 3pm. How did I hit three yarn stores in two hours? Magic--and a car that actually runs well. I was home and knitting by 3:30. The jury is still out on the square needles, though. I'll have to finish my current project (almost there) and do a swatch with them before I declare them a winner.

*by "zoomed" I mean speed limit the whole way, officer.

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Ellen Bloom said...

Wow! You really did zoom all over the City in your new car! Always nice seeing you on a Saturday morning, L-A!