Sunday, September 05, 2010

Art Dreams

I was trying to do the NaBloPoMo for September, but I've failed already. I'm going to redeem myself by vowing to blog every day from today on, and by actually blogging in theme today--Art.

Yesterday, I spent the day crafting. I started off by sorting through all of Mom's knitting needles to share them with my sister who has become an avid knitter in just a few short months. Hooray! Another convert! Anyway, I was sorting them to see how many duplicates there were and sending some to Kate when I realized that half the bag was actually afghan crochet hooks. I know Mom made quite a few afghans in the Afghan or Tunisian stitch, but it seems to me she could have used the same hook for most of them. I could see two or three different sizes, but we're talking five or six of the same size. Well, all of those crochet hooks got me in the mood to crochet and do you know what I realized? My crochet skills are sorely lacking. No, really. I used to crochet exclusively before I renewed my love of knitting and I was pretty good. But try as I might, I couldn't keep my edges neat and even. It's not difficult. It's a hook and loops. After a few failed attempts, I went back to knitting.

I finished my boss's birthday present--finally. Her birthday was in August, folks. It's blocking. I'll take photos and show you later. Then, I started on some wash cloths and another project I've been meaning to tackle. But then it got hot and I wanted nothing to do with yarn, so I drew. I made a few sketches and drawings for the Sketchbook Project, but then I remembered that I can't draw. Stick figures, anyone? So, I put that away and watched TV...and fell asleep.

And I dreamed crazy dreams all involving art in some sense. I dreamed I was in the middle of some espionage that was culminating in an art museum. I dreamed I was in a painting, like living in the painting. Not like the paintings in Harry Potter, but more like What Dreams May Come with the paint getting on my clothes. It was so beautiful, all the colors. Then I dreamed I was a sullen teenager embarrassed by my parents who were (in dream form) played by Bill Paxton and Melina Kanakaredes. The art tie-in here is that they were generally free-spirited artsy types and the scene I woke up from was them running off to some street fair dressed in Ren Faire clothes and wearing carnivale masks. For some reason, I was really pissed at them.

Strange dreams...

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Ellen Bloom said...

Come to SnB on Thursday and I'll give you some crochet tips on keeping those edges straight. Bring your hooks!

You do have some weird dreams, Sistah!