Saturday, December 18, 2010

More Missed Birthdays

I don't know what is wrong with me lately, being so absent from the Internet. I haven't played Farmville or Frontierland in so long there are probably squatters on my land. And I keep forgetting birthdays. Important family birthdays, not just random folks I happen to know, although I'm sure I've missed my share of those, too. So, without further delay, a tribute to my fellow Sagittarians (we outnumber all other zodiac signs in my family, which just means my relatives live in wintry states and get bored in February and March).

First up, my nephew Michael (he's the blond on the left; his cousin, Niko, is on the right). Michael is the son of my brother Michael, but isn't a junior because they have different middle names. I love this photo. We take our goofiness seriously in my family. This adorable bundle of mischief and mayhem turned 12 years old on December 2nd. He's the youngest of my nephews (and nieces for that matter) and it's bittersweet that he's nearly a teenager. I remember when he was just a mop-topped toddler running me ragged at Roy Sr's 40th birthday party. Love you, Michael!

Next up, Jess, aka The Dark Mistress Hawthorne, aka The Roy's main squeeze. I guess she's kind of my niece, in common-law? Eh, she's family. She's also kind of camera shy, so there's no photo accompaniment. Thanks for the amazing Chex Mix! Jess is a genius in the kitchen. She made The Roy "Picard Truffles" (Earl Grey flavored, of course) which were heavenly. Anywho, The Jess (goes with The Roy, get it?) celebrated her birthday on December 6th (I think...Roy told me but sounded unsure). I had a card and everything, but I still haven't written in it or mailed it,, Happy Birthday, Jess!

Lastly, we have the lovely Lisi, who turned 21 yesterday, December 17th! Twenty-one! Why are all these kids growing up? Stop making me feel old, you rotten kids. Lisi cut her hair short a few months ago and it's super cute. See? (shhh...I cropped out my sister and brother).Happy Birthday, my beautiful girl,, I mean, woman. I love you!

If I missed your birthday, I apologize. Know that you're in good company, though, and that I didn't mean it. Happy Birthday, Sagittarians far and wide. Archers rule!

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